Estate Pinot Noir

As the flagship wine for Cubanisimo Vineyards, the Estate Pinot Noir represents the full body and flavor of our passionately managed vineyards. Made with 100% Estate grown grapes, this wine is a labor of love for both Mauricio and Rob Stuart, our winemaker. The use of Estate grapes allows for our hand-on vineyard management to be reflected in the high standard of quality flavors throughout our vintages. As a meeting of Burgundy style and Oregon grapes, our Estate Pinot Noir represents the mastery of European wine making and the luscious flavors of the Willamette Valley – creating a delicious and unforgettable wine experience.

The corks we use to bottle our Estate Pinot Noir are the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure. They are made using renewable, plant-based biopolymers derived from sugar cane. They provide a sustainable closure with superior performance and consistent oxygen control while minimizing environmental impact by preventing spoilage and waste from wine fault.

Rumba Pinot Noir

Our Rumba Pinot Noir reflects our dedication to produce an affordable wine of great quality. We source wine grapes from select vineyards within the Willamette Valley and blend-in grapes from our Estate vineyard to create a well-rounded Oregon Pinot Noir. You will find that the delightful flavors of our Rumba Pinot Noir reflect both our vineyards and winemaking – bringing a similar body and palate as our Estate Pinot Noir.

Pinot Gris

The Cubanisimo Pinot Gris is our white wine rendition. It is a blend of Pinot Gris clones that allow us an elegant, floral, dry wine with tropical flavors. Our acres of Pinot Gris are limited, but the quality is top notch. A magnificent wine to match with seafood, Chinese food, salads, or just sipping on a warm summer day.

Rosado de Pinot Noir

Our Rosado de Pinot Noir is a light, dry Rosado made in the classic European style. After a trip to Spain we realized that a Rosado de Pinot Noir would compliment the winery’s full spectrum of flavor within Oregon Pinot Noir. Made from 100% Estate Pinot Noir grapes, the Rosado de Pinot Noir represents a different, lighter development of flavors from our vineyard. Our Rosado is made by shortening the grape skin and grape juice contact time on initial fermentation – this particular time, roughly overnight, allows a pink color and a complexity of flavors found only among dry Rosados.

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