Owners & Staff

Mauricio Collada Jr. MD – Owner
Mauricio was born in Havana, Cuba in the 1950’s. He came to the United States with his family in 1962, a few years after Fidel Castro’s communist revolution. His fascination with wine began while he was attending the pre-med program at the University of Miami in Florida by making wine at home from mangoes and bananas. During his training in medicine his interest in wine continued.  With extensive research, input from friends and acquaintances in the wine industry, his passion for wine making continued to grow.  Mauricio moved to Salem, Oregon after completing his neurosurgery residency in New Orleans. Upon arriving in Oregon in 1983 to start his practice and establish his family, Mauricio was surprised to find out that his favorite wine grape, Pinot Noir, had the perfect climatic conditions for its development in the Willamette Valley. He became entranced by the elegance, the complexity and the vibrancy of the Oregon Pinot Noir.  He knew that eventually he would be in the wine industry. It was an easy decision to pursue his passion with the 1986 purchase of a 21-acre parcel in the Eola-Amity Hills located within the Willamette Valley, and the founding of Cubanisimo Vineyards.

Debra Collada – Owner & Event Coordinator
Debra’s adventure into the wine industry began later in her career path, but it has been no less passionate. It was not until she met Mauricio Collada in 2004, that she found her fascination for wine. Debra’s first career has been that of a caring mother and dedicated nurse. She has been working as a nurse since 1995 and now enjoys working part-time in the nursing field so she can dedicate more time to Cubanisimo Vineyards. She now walks the vineyards with Mauricio, participates with the harvest and bottling of the wines, and dedicates herself to all other aspects of Cubanisimo. She is involved in the distribution of Cubanisimo wines and is the Event Coordinator for weddings and private events that take place at Cubanisimo Vineyards throughout the year. Debra has found another passion that matches her people-loving, outgoing personality.

Paige Jones – Manager
Paige joined the team this season as the Operations & Marketing Manager all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. She found her passion for wine when she landed a job with a wine distribution company in college. Upon graduation, she wanted to explore the industry more and did so by traveling to Europe and eventually moving to Oregon. Her passion for wine continues to grow and she has big plans to take Cubanisimo to the next level. When she is not dedicating time to learn more about wine, you can find her outside with her dog, reading, playing sports, hiking or hanging out with friends.

Raul Torres – Vineyard Manager
Raul has worked with the Collada family for over 18 years. Since the start of Cubanisimo Vineyards in 2003, Raul has been responsible for the care of the vineyards. His commitment and passion for viticulture is second to none. When he’s not tending the vineyards, Raul can be found spending quality time with his beautiful wife and four beautiful children.