Cubanisimo Vineyards is excited to invite you to an Eclipse Weekend Party Event. Take a mind and soul vacation with us.  Come join us to observe the Solar Eclipse, with our picturesque views, the open skylines, and beautiful scenery it’ll be like a reboot for the system. We offer an spectacular open view skyline for the eclipse, no sounds of traffic, or roads in sight. So bring your lounge chairs and stay an afternoon or bring your tent and stay overnight Sunday August 20th (1 day only). Come join us in making lifetime memories, experience award winning wines, peaceful views, and great people. Experience the Cubanisimo way here at Cubanisimo Vineyards.

Saturday  we will be rocking in style with music from “Crash of the Rhinos”, Sunday we will be hitting the vibe in full reggae motion with “Rhythm Culture”, and on Monday our maximum stride will be hit while we bring out the Cuban in you by “Son de Cuba”.  Pura Vida Cocina will be serving up the flavors of Cuba during our weekend event.

Beginning Saturday August 19th, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Basic Package – $25.00 (includes commemorative glass, wine tasting or glass, and music). Full Package – $40.00 ( includes commemorative glass, food, wine tasting or glass, music, and raffle).

Sunday August 20th, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Basic Package – $25.00 (includes commemorative glass, wine tasting or glass, and music). Full Package – $40.00 ( includes commemorative glass, food, wine tasting or glass, music, and raffle). Overnight Package 1st 50 Tents – $250.00 per person: (includes all the above plus private library tasting, hors d’oeuvres, a bottle of wine, camp site, & Monday’s event). Bring your tents and pick your perfect viewing spot. You will WANT to make this happen, Special Vintage Wines for tasting for the Overnight Package only!!!

Eclipse Day, Open 7:00am  – Monday August 21st : Reservations only – $150.00 (commemorative Cubanisimo Vineyards 2017 Eclipse glass, yoga, breakfast and lunch, wine tasting or glass, music, salsa lessons, Eyewear for eclipse viewing).

All Club Members receive a 15% discount.

No refunds after August 1, 2017

No RV parking, gas grills or lanterns (nothing flammable), or pets.




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24 Responses to Eclipse Party Weekend!

  1. Maria Martinez says:

    Me encanta quiero la direccion por favor.
    Maria Martinez

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

      Hi Maria,

      I’m so sorry but I personally don’t speak or understand Spanish, I’ll try to have someone who does respond.

  2. BJ says:

    Dear vineyard folks,

    Maria is asking for directions. I’d give them, but don’t know where she’s driving from.

  3. Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

    Hi Maria,

    What city and direction are you coming from? Another good way to make it to our Vineyard is through google maps on your smart phone. The address is : 1754 Best Rd NW, Salem Or 97304

  4. Janice long says:

    Interested in one day tickets for eclipse for one personAvailable?? Also any available for 5 people

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

      Hi Janice,

      Yes there are tickets available for the Day of the Eclipse. If you go to the orders tab on the home page, there is the eclipse day package of $150.00 per person. I hope this helps.

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:


      Sorry I didn’t see this question. We have several options for all group sizes. you can look under the orders tab and find 4 separate packages. The prices are per person, prices.

  5. Nate Y says:

    Will you provide solar glasses for the Day-of event? I thought I saw yes but can’t find that now.

  6. Danette Cain says:

    Hi, if I’m not making it in until 7 or 8pm Sunday for the camping overnight, will someone be there to greet me when I arrive. Also, is there cabs or ubers to bring me from the greyhound station in salem?

  7. Danette Cain says:

    Also, what time does Mondays events last until?

  8. Milena Westford says:

    Are there still tent sites available? Is the price $250 per person or per site? If per person, how about the price for children?

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

      Hi Milena,

      Yes there are still spaces available, you can order on our webpage under the orders tab or you can call me and give me all the necessary information.

  9. Vince says:

    Sounds like an exciting event. Please post a picture of the view toward the direction of the eclipse. We are traveling from Los Angles and would like to get a sense of the view. Thank you.

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

      Hi Vince,

      Our skyline is open for full viewing of the eclipse.

      • Lupita says:

        We just purchased tickets to the Eclipse Day reservation package and are looking forward to being there! Do we need to bring our own fold up chairs or will there be sufficient seating for all guests?

        • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

          Hi Lupita,

          There will be seating but if you want to sit by your tent you should bring your folding chairs, if you want to use those same chairs to sit on the hill and listen to the bands and such you can do that as well. I’d do it if I was staying here as a guest, it’ll give you more options for all the days activities and such.

  10. Marie says:

    Are tickets still available?

    • Cubanisimo Vineyards says:

      Hi Marie,

      Yes tickets are still available, go to our website and look under the Orders tab. I hope this helps.

  11. Khoa says:

    Hi, we just purchased tickets this weekend to the viewing party on Monday the 21st. Will we get tickets in the mail or email? Or is the purchase confirmation email all we need to get in?


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